Best Transcription tool for Android devices.

Best Trascription tool for android?

 It is very difficult for transcript  to write common word  very often in their article because time is key for them. So, to avoid this kind of practices they use text expander tools to maximise their speed of writing. There are many tools available in PC ; even Microsoft word gives you text expander tools as well for, in this post you will learn about Best Transcription tool for Android devices.

How does Text Expander tool work?

Suppose you are transcribing any interview between two person. Let’s call them interview and interviewee. Now it is very difficult to type every time to write interview and interviewee. so, Textexpander tool lets you make abbreviation for that word.

Suppose, you make inrw abbreviation for interviewer and inrwe for interviewee. That will make it very simple to use for trancriptor.

Best Transcriptor tool for android..

It is very difficult when it comes to android application because there are many android applications available in the play store and user gets confused about which one is suitable for my device and that is actually a main concern for them. Application gets rating on the basis of how it is actually beneficial for any device and how much it consumes space in our mobile.

So, application which fulfils both condition in my opinion is “Texpand”. Texpand requires only 800kb and gives you very good output.

How to use Texpand application in Android?

Download Textpand app from playstore or you can redirect to the application by clicking on below link:


Open Texpand application and you will see same interface as you can see in this photo.


Now, click on (+) plus(Right bottom corner) sign to add abbreviation of any phrase. By clicking on plus sign you will see two option; one is phrase and another is phrase list.


After that, you will see same screen to add customise abbreviation for particular phrase.


Suppose, you want if you type ph it will automatically convert it to your phone number. Likewise em for your email address. So , to do this type ph in abbreviation and your phone number in phrase.


Now jump into any notepad section, I will show you in colornote. Now if you type ph in your whether it is whatsapp , facebook or any note pad, it will show you correct sign. If you click on correct sign ph will become your phone number.

By this kind of tool you can save your time to type same email and mobile number again and again. I hope you liked my post and you don’t have any doubt regarding this application  because I have explained all the things from scratch so, just follow my steps and make your typing fast.

Thank you!

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