How to make business cards in android?|business card maker app

A business card is the first impression of any business because it tells almost half of the story for your business. Even in this digital world where we are growing so fast with every resource. so, choosing a business card is a very important thing for your business plan. so in this article, I will show you how to get free templates for your business card, how to make changes in your template to make business card exceptionally decent looking and how to do this all the things in your android devices from scratch. So, make sure you follow my article step by step to make a business card in android.

There are many business card maker applications are available but I have selected few of them.

The first application in our list is Business card maker
Free Visiting Card Maker photo .

1.Business Card Maker Free Visiting Card Maker photo:

Business Card Maker Free Visiting Card Maker photo has very easy interface to work with. You can download Business card maker free visiting card from below link:

Step 1:

Open this application  and you will see same interface as shown in you can see there are many options available. You can create, download ,  save  and share your own business card with very easily.

best business card maker

Even you can change your language. To change your language, tap on right corner top settings icon. When you tap on an option you will see many options available for language selection, if you want to select any language then tap on that language otherwise leave it as it is.

best business card maker

Step 2:

In this step we will learn how to create business card. So, now click on create button and you will see same screen as you can see in this below picture.

There is one option fill profile , select this option and fill all the required details of your business, Your name, Your company name , E mail address, contact Number, Address, choose your business logo and then save it and click on start designing.

best business card maker



Select any template available on screen and you will redirect to this page. Here you can change Background, size of any text, Font style. There is another option available related to a user interface that is you can change logo, icon, shapes, send back, bring a front option to give extraordinary look. In the icons tab, there are more than 50 icons available.  There are also pre-installed logo and shapes available to use in your business card.

best business card maker


When you satisfy with your design then save it or download on your device.

2.Business Card Maker And Creator:


The second application in our list is business card maker and creator this has an extremely simple user interface as we see in the first application. You can download this application from below link:


Open this application. You will see the same screen as you can see in this picture below. Now click on create button.


Now tap on bottom left corner this will pop up a new menu which contains Template, Logo, Symbol,Text,Line. In every tab, there are lot of options available. There are a lot of stylish fonts , templates, symbols, lines available. So, that you can design very stylish  business card as your requirement.


When you complete you design part , to save your business card click on top right corner this gives you two option export to gallery and save as a draft.

3.Business Card Maker

Third application in our bucket is Business card maker. You can download this application with below link:


When you open this application you will see this kind of interface. Click on create a business card to make your business card. When you click on to create it shows you two options landscape and portrait style. Click one of them as your requirement.

best business card maker
best business card maker


Now you can same screen as in image. It has lot of options available to work with. In top right, there is layers option and top left grid option available.

By using grid option you can create designs with exact measurement. In the bottom, you can see background, art, text, effect, image. In every option, there are many sub option available.

best business card maker

So, using all the options you can create a very impressive business card for you.

best business card maker

Step 3:

To save this business card just click on right sign top right corner.

I hope you find helpful this tutorial and tell me which application do you like most in comment section. 

Thank You!

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