QR code generator |How to generate QR Code in Mobile?

QR Code Stands for Quick Response Code. It contains data for locator, identifier and tracker. The first time it was used for automotive industry Japan. In Other words, we can say that the QR code gives us encrypted data.QR code can be read by imaging device like Camera. Nowadays Smart Phone is used as QR Scanner.  In Smart Phone by camera app, we can scan our QR code to extract the information it. QR Code can store Website URL and WIFI SSID and Password. In this tutorial, we will discuss step by step about QR code generator and how to generate QR Code for any URL, WIFI Password or any text Message.

How to generate QR Code in Mobile?


Download QR Code Generator Application from below link:



Open QR Code Application and you will see the same screen as shown in Picture.

QR code generator


Choose Input type like Text, Email address, URL, WIFI Password and many more options are available in this drop-down menu.

QR code generator
QR code generator


Let’s Choose Text and now write some text for which you want to generate a QR code.

QR code generator


Now Click on the generate button. It will generate a QR code for your message. Now you can share this QR Code with your friends on social media as well.

QR code generator


To extract information from this QR code you have to open a camera application in another mobile. Hold it around 15 sec and it will show you the same message you have written it your phone.

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